Storm Seedboxes

There are no overages, hidden fees or small print. What you see is what you get, with no contracts.
All seedboxes are on gigabit connections with special algorithms in place to ensure all users receive a similar experience during peak usage.

NEW - We now offer Plex on all servers! Set it up on the Manage page.

All servers are on 1000Mbit connections while each seedbox is limited to 300Mbit upload and 1000Mbit download. Only bittorrent UPLOAD is counted towards your bandwidth limit (FTP, HTTP, bittorrent downloads are all unmetered).

All seedboxes also come with a Dedicated IP. This ensures you aren't mistakenly banned by trackers for sharing.

If you go over your monthly limit, you will be limited to 10Mbit (1.2MB/s) upload. Additional bandwidth packages are also available, please contact sales!
All seedbox's come with rTorrent + ruTorrent webUI and Deluge pre-installed & configured. You have the ability to switch clients with the click of a button (without losing torrents!), so feel free to experiment with both and stick with the one that best suits your needs.

Access to a webUI is also provided, where you can easily view bandwidth and hard drive usage along with other information on your seedbox. Renewal is also a breeze as we accept PayPal and Credit Cards.
Because everyone has different needs, each seedbox comes with multiple ways to access files; FTP, HTTP, sFTP, rsync and more! We also provide SSH (or shell) access to your server with many pre-installed packages available for use, from basic file management such as mv and cp to more advanced programs such as mediainfo and unrar.

You may also run your own software (which doesn't require root access) such as bouncers (sBNC) and IRC clients (irssi). On request, we may also be able to install any specific packages you may need.
We have staff available 24/7 for all your support needs. They can be contacted via the helpdesk (or email). For trivial things, we have a knowledgebase with easy to follow articles on many common tasks (adding torrents, unraring, SSH tunnels etc)

We also have an IRC channel at channel #seedstorm if you would like to try get support from other users.